I have a page under the header of martyrs, I have done this because I think it’s of utmost importance to show respect and remembrance to the men whose lives have been lost in the war against Israel. I feel it only right to dedicate a page to political prisoners being held in Israeli jails. I wish you too see there faces and read their names. Burin is no different from every village in the west bank, it holds strong intelligent residents, unfortunately this is deemed as a threat to Israel and arrests are not uncommon. Throughout this year many men from Burin were released after an influx of arrests last year, but there are still some who remain in prison. One thing should be remembered, they may not be free to walk on their land with their brothers and sister but they have not lost their love and determination to fight for it.

Ibrahim Adnan Imran



Rafaat Walid Abdal Qadir Asaus


Nazim Ibrahim Abdal Qader Asaus


20 Years


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