Burin: land of love and resistance is the story of a village living in the midst of nightmare. From every position within the village you are faced with the view of the Zionist occupation. On the top of every hill lies the slaves of Israel.
Three of the most volatile settlements within the West bank,  Yitzhar,  Bracha and Givat Arousa perch on top of the hills in sight trying desperately to intimidate, there is also a military tower nestled in for extra comfort and buffering to the colonies of extremists.
Located 7km southwest of Nablus, Burin is the home too 3000 residents. Like all Palestinians they have a story to tell. It is for this reason I have created a blog, to provide an avenue and inform people of the situation within the village. To point out the  logistics and geography of Burin is one thing, but, in order for people to support and stand in solidarity I feel it is time to get to know Burin on a personal level.

For anyone not able to visit, I wish for you to read the blog and feel like you have. For all of you who have, I ask for your support in spreading the blog. I do not doubt that you have made a permanent place in your heart for Burin and its residents, please stand side by side with them and show the world what really goes on behind the lies of the western media. I am not capable of whistleblowing the lies and spins that the west feed us but i am more than capable of informing you that the spirit of Burin is strong and resistance is on the mind of many.

Walla, i hope you enjoy!



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