A pattern of attacks.

22nd February 7pm soldiers enter the village.

28th February  3pm- settlers and soldiers enter and attack the village.

3rd March 4pm settlers and soldiers enter and attack the village.

6th March 7pm- soldiers enter the village.

9th March 4:30pm – settlers and soldiers enter and attack the village.

If the pattern continues, the next attack will be settlers and then within a day Burin should be due a visit from the soldiers. According to the last 3 weeks statistics of Burin  the soldiers will come in numbers of approximately jeeps, they will put a checkpoint at beginning of Burin and they will stay for around 4 hours.  The time exactly can not be predicted because this seems to be the only aspect of their visits that are not predictable. In the last few weeks they have entered at around 7pm but really, it can be at any time adding to the psychological games that the Israeli military enjoy playing so much. The residents of Burin know it is always coming, but when is the mystery.

The last settler attack on Burin was 9 march. Before that was the 6th and 3rd of March. All three recent attacks are all identical. The settlers have all come from the same direction, from the stolen land now refered to as a settlement named Baracka. They have come in numbers between 10 and 25 and they come armed, weapons ranging from handguns to M-16. Attacks have been focused on the Sofan household. They are not new to the suffering, having had their house set on fire twice. The second time resulting in the death of Atallah Sofan after he suffered from a heart attack due to the sight of his home in flames. They have had their chickens, sheep, horse and donkey killed and their house stoned and paint bombed. This is what happened on the latest occasions, bottles and stones were thrown at their home. Their sheep were also under attack. As usual, the youths from the village came down to protect their land. They were soon met by Israeli soldiers who are there to protect the settlers, contrary to what they claim about wanting to provide security for the Palestinian residents. There were clashes between all three parties lasting between 30 minutes to 90 minutes.

And so it will continue. In days to come the laptops will be turned on and more reports will be written about the unforgivable antics of the settlers.


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