Life resumes as normal..

I do not wish to put my words into other people’s mouths, I assure you I have agreeance that the past few months in Burin have been quite. This does not undermine anything that has happened, it just illuminates that after the late summer break, business is as usual for the soldiers and settlers and there antics on the village of Burin.

The last two weeks have seen two settler attacks, evening sieges on the village including multiple house raids and the arrests of three young men.  One member of the village describes how he feels about the consistency of the soldiers entering the village ‘we all know that in the hours between 11pm and 4am the village is the soldiers, not ours’.

The settler attacks left a Palestinian man injured resulting in a visit to the hospital, windows damaged and an attempted break in. The house raids leave families vulnerable and tired with their privacy taken in a swoop, trodden on with dirty military boots and left. They leave the children tired. They leave one and all on guard. Residents of Burin have the past to remind them of what might happen again tonight.

The escalation of harassment is not just in Burin. Madama and Asira Al Qibliya have also been frequented by soldiers and settlers in past weeks. The most recent to report on was the arrests of 4 men in Asira Al Qibliya, taken from their homes in the middle of the night after house raids. They have not been released and I will update this post when I know more.

Burins arrests came on the friday just gone (13.1) Soldiers surrounded three men with the ages of 20,20 and 21. They were enjoying a tin fire on their holiday.They were quickly surrounded  by the military. They were taken at around 2pm and later returned with no charges a little after 5pm. I suppose the commander of this set of arrests would expect all the families to be thankfull for this?

And so I repeat myself…life continues as normal. The village is the soldiers playground once again. The men are there for the taking, there in full view to be indiscriminately picked to be the next in a long line of political prisoners. The doors are open for searches and the air is ready for the tear gas. But this does not change the attitude of the village. Still there is an overwhelming amount of restraint and calm. This is life. This is Burin. This is Palestine. This is occupation.

BUT, this is not humane.


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