Settler attack on Burin….again.

As I was leaving Burin today, it seemed the settlers were just arriving. From the service(yellow bus) on the road out of Burin we could see small groups of settlers on the hills, all coming from the illegal settlement of Bracha. Parked near too all of these groups of settlers were one of their two comfort blankets, the private security of the settlements, there to make them feel safe. As we drove a bit further I noticed their other comfort blanket, Israeli soldiers, and many of them. As we turned the final corner of the village we was passed by three more jeeps of soldiers.

I was later informed by Ghassan Najjar, director the of Bilal Al Najjar center in Burin that there were approximately 50 settlers, 10 of wich were armed with M-16.

Inevitably clashes broke out between settlers and the youths of Burin, as always the tactic was to get the settlers off nearby land and away from residents homes. Stones were thrown back and forth and a group had broken away and taken favour to attacking a Palestinians home. This group of settlers eventually grew restless with just throwing stones and tried to break into the house, this however was unsuccessful due to the youth of Burin forcing them to retreat.

Soldiers were present the entire time adding nothing more to the chaos then the usual concoction of rubber coated steel bullets, sound bombs and tear gas.

Two settlers and one Palestinian were injured.


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