A center for all with an agenda of hope.

The Bilal al Najjar center can be found in the heart of Burin. The center plays a vital role in the community work within village, not only implementing  activities but also giving a place for the youth to feel they have a place that is theirs. Within Burin facilities are limited so back in 2005  young men and women of the community decided to take on the responsibility of opening the center. It didn’t come easy as funding was and still is a major a problem especially as this initiative was taken from youthful members of the village who were not taken seriously. Some people seemed to have no hope for its benefits but this attitude only added to the drive of the men and women whose vision it was. For two years members saved weekly donations in order to build enough of a honey pot to open. Finally the center opened in 2007. It is evident that projects like this need to be kept alive, not only does the center serve the community it also gives the youth of Burin a sanctuary. A place that is theirs, where they can work, learn, plan communal activities and unite. These activities have an overwhelming importance within community. To bring children and adults together, to feel united and most of all to have  and create new happy memories to be taken with everyone in the future.

     Girls enjoying a weekly English class.                                                             Mr.Jacop in action.

Activities organised by the center include cultural, communal and educational. There is not an area within the village that the center does not try to assist. In the past the children have enjoyed yearly festivals celebrating Palestinian folklore dance (debka) also an annually held kite festivals held on the mountains of Burin and enjoyed by all.  English lessons are also attended everyday by both girls and boys and are held by Project Hope volunteers; Miss.Gabby, Mr.Jacop and an independent activist Mr.khaled.

    Kite festival, August 2011.

The Bilal Al Najjar center also work very closely with the farmers of Burin, in any country being a farmer is not an easy job but to be farming on land that is preyed on by fanatic Zionists work becomes a whole lot harder. The members of the center help with all aspects of farm work from ploughing the land, organising land repair after brutal attacks to the trees and harvesting the fruits and olives. The olive harvest is a particularly uneasy time as it is when the farmers will be in the most volatile areas, on the doorsteps of the settlements as well as the constant threat of soldiers denying them access to their land. The center also tries to document all attacks on the land by the settlers with film and stills and can be found on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/To-document-settler-attacks.

Olive harvest, October 2011.

Fires in Burin, September 2011.


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