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Learning and Laughing

Anticipation, excitement, uncontrollable giggling and inquisitive eyes are what the English teachers of Burin are faced with when entering the classroom. There is nothing that gives such feelings of hope then seeing children rush from their classroom at school straight to a makeshift classroom within the village to learn English.

The children  are now nearing the end of their first semester and i think it is safe to say that we are all delighted by the success of the lessons. As numbers increased and chairs became like gold dust every day saw the face of a new child enter the classroom.

The target of the classes is conversational English and is taught to children from the ages of 7-16.  But what we see and feel from the children is so much more. Day after day we witness no less than 100% effort, they give us everything they have within the class room and are an absolute joy to laugh and learn with.


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Matyrs of Burin


Comrade Bilal Al Najjar was born in 1969 in the village of Burin.  Bilal studied economics at Najah University. Within the university, Bilal, with success worked on the Proggresive student action front.

In the March of his third year, 1984 Bilal was captured by Israeli occupation forces walking home from university. He was arrested under the charges of being a member of My Eagle Red Military wing of the Popular Front.

On 28/3/1984 Bilal Al Najjar was murdered after failing to withdraw any information of comrades and friends whilst being held within investigation chambers. In a desperate attempt for Israel to cover up the murder the decapitated body was disposed of near the illage of Majdal Bani Fadel. It was later found by a farmer. Israeli soldiers collected the body with the intentions of pinning the blame on a Palestinian political clash, the body was taken to Abu Kabir Institute. Only ten members of the family were permitted to attend the funeral of Bilal. This decision has evoked suspision that has not subsided over the years. With the face of Bilal so distorted it is still to this day not known if it was in fact the body of Bilal Al Najjar.

Tariq Hussien Imran

20/7/1989 Age 16

Hamdan hussien Najjar


On the 13 December 1989 Hamdan Hussien was tending to his sheep. Whilst praying he was attacked by a settler from a nearby settlement. After a fatal altercation with settlers and soldiers Hamdan was murdered later that day by an Israeli warplane.

Moataz Najjah Saker Al Katib

2/7/1975 – 18/5/2001

Moataz was part of the special police force for the Palestinian Authority. Moataz was murdered during the bombing of the P.A headquaters  in the city of Nablus.

Abu Nassir Borini (Mohammed Omran)


One of the origianl founders of the Popular Front Abu Nassir Borini was shot dead on his way home.

Baher Abderraouf  Eid


Murdered by Isreali army in the village of Burin. He was later found decapitated and without legs.

Hussien Abdeljabar Najjar


Found exectuted in the village of Burin.

Yasser Eid


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